Branding your value is, probably, the most important thing to your business.

You need a logo to complete your company’s image, one credibility logo that will represent you during your entire activity.

Ionel Paun - Logo Specialist
Ionel Paun - Logo Specialist

What you'll get

Each Premium Logo or Corporate Design comes with a personal and credible design that will identify with your activity through expertly research and studies to ensure that you gain an unique shape. Besides the logo design, you’ll get a custom design for stationery that will help in your marketing communication, like business card, letterhead and envelope. If you choose Corporate Package you’ll get an Identity Guide that will meet the exact functionality and usage rules for your brand identity.


- Custom Logo Design

✔️ Logo Design
✔️ Stationery
✔️ Unlimited Reviews
✔️ Copyright Transfer
✔️ + BONUS!
✖️ Identity Guide
1st Payment: $19*
2nd Payment: $80*
Total Price: $99



- Brand Identity

✔️ Logo Design
✔️ Stationery
✔️ Unlimited Reviews
✔️ Copyright Transfer
✔️ + BONUS!
✔️ Identity Guide
1st Payment: $49*
2nd Payment: $850*
Total Price: $899


After 1st Payment you will be redirected to logo
project form to fill with info about your custom logo design.
Secure Payment provided by Paddle System.

• 1st Payment is to start the project, including final project approval from you.
• 2nd Payment is to deliver the final files and copyright transfer.
✔️ Money Back Guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the logo design, you will receive a full refund, no questions asked!
– The Premium Logo / Custom Logo Design may be delivered in a couple of days.

If you have any question please contact me at or use the Contact form from the top menu.

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve used to design logo for our small virtual store and a 3D mascot for our communication marketing. We are very happy with this job done by Ionel Paun and with their helpful advice in using the logo design and mascot for a powerful brand. We recomand to all that are looking for branding design.

Toolmart Store

SMARTYLOGO did a great job understanding the nature of our business, our positioning versus our competitors and suggested a differentiated yet professional design for our logo and corporate identity. They were also very accommodating to our requests and ensured that we are fully satisfied with the final product.

Evcon Media

We were very pleased with the entire process. Smartylogo was able to listen to and translate our creative suggestions and ideas, into something that would actually work and serve our needs perfectly. We would highly recommend lonel and SmartyLogo!

Parklife Unlimited

I have chosen to work with because I personally know Ionel Paun, he is a friend of mine and I know he does an excellent job when it comes to the identity of a company. As evidence he provided me the solution for an exceptional brand for my business. The logo looks great, giving it both: a very nice shape and confidence. Also, with the help of “Identity Guide” provided by Ionel, I know how to use visual identity in different marketing materials without confusion. You have done an excellent job, Ionel! Good luck!


Fantastic illustrator with broad skill set and excellent 3D capability, so responsive and worked really fast. I couldn’t be happier and will definitely use again for future work.

Polished Life

Very simple and very attractive logo design for our new brand from Peacock art. It has an abstract look for our visual marketing materials. I will recomand Smartylogo services to all friends that are looking forward to change their visual identity for more atractive and intuitive non-verbal materials. Thank you so much Ionel.

Peacock Art

In the process of building my start-up, I was in quest for a representative, professional, good-looking logo and a powerful tagline to touch my customers. All I needed, I found at SmartyLogo, and even more than what I hoped for. To start with, as a welcome present, I was offered three great books that helped me understand the role of each branding element and guided me in choosing the right ones for my company. When I was ready, it was a matter of a couple of emails and a few days before I was in the possession of my quality logo and stationary. SmartyLogo in three words is: professional, responsive, impeccable. Thank you!


I can describe most of the work as a mere services but few of them as a real experience. Even less of them can be classified as a great experience. Definitely the work done by SmartyLogo was one of the greatest experience I ever had and a awesome job. The combination of an outstanding job with and excellence attention made it an outstanding experience. The service is so fast and very creative. Definitely, I recommended SmartyLogo for any logo design.

José A. Cordero-González

We knew Ionel Paun and we request him to create for us a co-brand called Hepol from our main brand Lohuis. This help us to make some equivalent product line as lower price through new Hepol brand. The Hepol brand is perfectly combined to our main brand and also with our new products line in electrical market. We are very happy with Ionel’s services and also with their assistance for our brand and visual marketing materials. Thanks Ionel.

Lohuis Romania