Branding your value is, probably, the most important thing to your business.

Learn how to dominate and gain new graphic design projects, new clients, new custom work and don't compete on freelancing platforms.

As I like to say: Dominate, don't compete!

As a freelancer and graphic designer I always hated to participate on freelancing platform to gain new projects. I hated to compete on contests with others every time and almost every time I've lost projects at a bit distance from my competitors on these projects.

That being said I always looked at other ways to dominate this frustration and avoid this kind of competition. Always I liked to have my own ways of gaining new clients and new projects without competing with others.

My name is Ionel Paun and I am about to learn you the same way that I've used to gain new clients and new projects in a simple way but very lucrative.


I'll send my best hack that I've used for years to gain clients. So, keep an eye on your inbox, confirm your subscription and wait for these 5 emails from me. Each email is deliver on each day, 5 days. No Spam, no B.S.